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7th Impurities Genotoxic - banner with sponsorship presentation_Innovatune.jpg

Innovatune is proud to announce the sponsorship at the 7th Impurities: Genotoxic, Nitrosamine & Beyond conference

March 15-16, 2023
Milan, Italy & Online

Innovatune will contribute to #VLGenotoxic 2023 with Dr. Arianna Bassan presentation focussing on N-nitrosamines, one of the main themes of the event. We will talk about SAR and read-across for the derivation of acceptable intake limits (AI).

#VLGenotoxic 2023 will also explore the most important aspects related to the detection and reporting of genotoxic impurities, ongoing investigations and regulatory, toxicological, analytical and pharmaceutical perspectives related to GTI, as well as recent advances and further developments and future considerations towards the different types of impurities found in drugs.

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